Getting Retail Interior Design Right

Retail Interior
July 6, 2019

This year, Dubai is quickly and quietly becoming the retail capital of the world. With this fact, All of us in S3T Koncepts, one of the reputable retail fit out Dubai companies, has enjoyed having a number of retail interior design and fit out projects coming through its office door this year. From beauty care to chocolates, the team has enjoyed collaborating with a number of retail owners in UAE to help their visions come to life.

Through our past and present experience, there are a number of considerations that we have noted in getting retail interior design right. In this post, our innovative team wants to share important points specific to retail interior design top help guarantee your project is a success.

Product Display

 In any retail shop, products should take the center stage. In planning the placement and display of products, we prioritize on how to make use of the space to maximize exposure and sales, which is something skilled and experienced retail fit out Dubai companies do.


Lighting cannot be overlooked in retail interior design. You not only want to use lighting in a way that makes your store inviting to your customers, it must also provide an appropriate amount and color of light to accurately present the product. 

Traffic Flow

Another important factor when looking at retail interior design is how you would like customers to move through your space. There are a number of different approaches depending on the experience you wish to create. The location of your sales counter, progression of products from front to back of store, amount of room to move, types of displays used, and location of change rooms are just some of the pieces that come together to form the traffic patterns of your customers. That is essentially what we are doing – designing an experience.

The Exterior Appeal

We normally focus on interiors, but do not forget that the exterior of your store should also be considered. Your signage and window displays will play a big part in this. Your storefront may be what entices someone to visit you in the first place, so make sure to pay some attention here as well.