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Choosing the type of wooden doors for your home is not just about durability and security they can provide, but it should also be about the beauty and style of your entire place. We create and provide wooden doors having both interior and exterior that can alleviate the beauty of your home on any occasion.

With our skilled team of woodworkers in our in-house production facility, we provide our clients with wooden doors made from different types of solid hardwood – ash, teakwood, cedar, pine, and beech wood, to name a few.

Fire Rated Doors

Customers are wary of fire hazards at any place. And one of the best ways for fire precautionary measures is to consider fixing fire-rated doors on any premises. S3T Koncepts is a reliable joinery company that creates and provides high-quality fire-rated doors. Our fire-rated doors are well tested that assure our clients of their functionality. We are not only after safety because we make fire-rated doors with varied styles and designs.


Having good storage space in your home in the form of wardrobes will make your living space look more organized. And in terms of choosing the perfect wardrobes for our client’s homes, S3T Koncepts provides diverse options greatly considering the quality, design and functionality. The expert hands of our woodworkers in our factory will execute seamless work to produce wardrobes that satisfy our every client’s taste and preference.

Wooden Wall Cladding

Do you want to have walls that look naturally beautiful? S3T Koncepts will help you have beautiful walls in your homes or any other premises with quality wooden wall cladding. With our experience in professional woodworking, we provide our clients’ homes with beautiful and durable wooden wall cladding that will serve its purpose for the longest possible time.

Kitchen Cabinets

We are all aware of the many purposes of kitchen cabinets. These do not just hold dishes, appliances, and food; kitchen cabinets also bring a vital style to the kitchen. Choosing which kitchen cabinets go well in your kitchen and which ones suit your budget can be challenging. Having us on your side when you make such a choice will make you achieve a beautiful kitchen without the need to break your bank. We provide our clients with both stock and custom-built kitchen cabinets in their preferred colors and finishes.


What do you say about using decorative panels? Decorative panels like Mashrabia are an incredible way to bring authenticity to a home or building design. With our functional factory equipment and skilled team, we provide high-quality Mashrabia panels in the detailed carved wooden latticework. Be it your own design piece or we propose ours, S3T Koncepts makes sure that our valuable clients get what they expect and even more than it.

Wooden Furniture

When it comes to furniture, there is nothing more wonderful, attractive and warm material than natural wood. Wooden furniture is definitely beautiful and timeless. S3T Koncepts creates and produces beautiful and timeless furniture, be it modern, traditional or rustic.

With our in-house production facility, we can produce wooden furniture pieces in bulk for homes, offices, hotels and others. We give our clients multiple wood options for different types of furniture. We take into account how important it is to produce quality wooden furniture that will only look better as it gets older.

Reception Counters

In various offices, reception counters play an important role. They characterize the company as a whole. And it is important to be choosy and selective prior to buying one.

S3T Koncepts has already made numerous reception counters for different businesses around Dubai. We always plan with our clients to come up with the most stylish and catchy reception counters, as these create an impression to customers. We make reception counters that do not just look great as an individual piece of office furniture but we make sure that they will suit the overall look of the business office. S3T Koncepts produces reception counters satisfying the taste of our clients in terms of the design, material, finish and budget.

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