Wood is a Timeless Interior Design Material

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Joinery Solution / December 24, 2020

Wood is a Timeless Interior Design Material

When it comes to interior design or any building materials, wood is always considered elegant and classic. For centuries, wood is used to construct everything, from homes to business places. It has always been a key feature in interior design.

With the different trends in the world of design these days, there has been a definite shift away from traditional wood, with many already opting instead for more durable engineered woods and even metals like aluminum. Despite this, wood remains a material with natural warmth and an unpredictable character that is very difficult to replicate. 

From the perspectives of professional interior design companies in Dubai, apart from its good looks, wood still has plenty of benefits to offer.


Unlike metal, wood can quite easily be transformed into something completely new when you have grown tired of one piece. There are already thousands of ways wood can be utilized like reclaimed wood being turned into beautiful coffee tables and more ornate interior design pieces.


While it is relatively lightweight, at least compared to most metals, wood is incredibly strong and can support its own weight even better than steel. This means it is perfect for building everything from furniture to storage solutions, all of which will look natural and beautiful.


Not only is wood naturally resistant to electrical conduction but it is also resistant to heat, which means that it will retain its stability even in the case of a fire in certain situations. Its properties also mean that it works as an absorptive material for sound – minimizing reflections and echoes in large rooms and spaces.


There are a lot of different types of wood to take into account, each will give your interior design different flavors and feels. There is Oak, there is walnut, there is cedar wood and a lot more. It is imperative that you are familiar with the type of wood you are working with, its pros and cons, the do’s and don’ts. Skilled interior design companies in Dubai like S3T Koncepts can help you throughout the whole interior design project.