5 Great Office Design Tips from Interior Design Experts

Office design is important in creating a pleasant and productive environment. And no matter how many business owners neglect its importance; office design is crucial in obtaining success for your business. It is well worth consulting experienced and professionals like office fit out companies in Dubai.

According to an interior design expert, “Good office design solves problems, but great office design goes one step further. By opening up new lines of communication, giving staff different environments for different tasks, and making them excited about being in the office, a great office design can invigorate a workforce.” For start-ups and smaller companies, consulting interior designers in Dubai might not be feasible. However, we have gathered 5 great office design tips that can help you have a more productive work environment.

  1. Give employees enough natural light and space.

Did you know that lack of natural light can have negative impacts on productivity and mood of employees? Natural light in office is a much overlooked benefit in office fit out dubai, but it should be one of the major considerations in office layout and design. It can surely make a huge difference. To improve the amount of natural light in offices, office fit out companies in Dubai would suggest creating an open environment by breaking down interior walls, using glass walls for cabins and using community tables and desks instead of claustrophobic workstations.

With light comes space. As another major consideration in office design, giving employees enough space for work area and circulation space that will enable them to move freely will be beneficial. Getting the balance between natural light and space in your office design will play a big role in engaging your staff to be more productive.

  1. Make break-out spaces.

When you talk about break-out spaces, you are not just talking about a certain spot in your office where employees can eat their lunch or have their snacks. For a change of usual office scenery, many interior designers in Dubai would make an office design and layout with break-out spaces for those informal chats and for employees to get away from their respective desks as well. Not only a relaxing space or a recreational area, but you want to put a certain space in the office where your employees can exchange thoughts and spontaneous ideas.

  1. Keep things organized.

It is important to keep your workplace free of clutter, tidy and organized. In a small or big office, you want to have storage for respective things. You do not want to see pieces of papers everywhere or food on top of working tables. You want to feature an office that says something about the workers. The more organized your office is, the more organized the thoughts of your employees are.

  1. Invest in furniture.

Experienced interior designers in Dubai would always suggest to office owners to never skimp on furniture. What you can save today for choosing cheap office chairs will cost you double or triple in the long run. A cheap chair will never guarantee comfort and will cause back pain, which will then contribute to complaints or even absenteeism. Investing in furniture with great quality might cost you a little more but will surely save you money in the long-term.

  1. Brand your office.

Branding your office is as important as branding your business. Branding should not be only limited to incredible website and attractive business cards.  It should be instilled into the space where everything happens. Branding should be all around workers and it should speak about your business to the clients. More than your stationery, it should be about environment.

Adding your uniquely-designed logo, creating a visual interest on your walls with your business’ mission and vision, infusing colors, and many others you can do to put your brand into your office.

Designing your office is not just simply making it look beautiful to your clients. It gives your company an identity – it tells and reminds your clients and others what your business is for.

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