A Room-by-Room Guide to Choosing Office Flooring Materials

When choosing flooring materials for your office, both function and form should be top-of-mind considerations. And because each section of your office has a different function, one flooring material will not work for your entire office space – what works in a reception area won’t necessarily work in your office pantry.

The best way to choose office flooring materials is to go room by room and check the function of each space. But this will be so much easier if you work with professional and experienced office fit-out companies in Dubai. You will be provided with better options that align with your design preferences and fit your cost constraints. Read our guide to choosing office flooring materials:

The Main Rooms to Consider:

1. Reception Area

For your office reception area, design and durability are the key considerations when selecting a floor material. The reception or lobby is the first thing clients, suppliers, employees, and visitors will see. Therefore, it is very important that the flooring makes a good first impression. It must also be able to withstand a high level of foot traffic while still looking aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few office flooring material options you can consider for your lobby or reception area:

-Luxury Vinyl Tile

-Wood Finishes


2. Conference Rooms

Conference rooms hold important meetings and discussions with potential clients, long-term vendors, and employees. It can also be a place for brainstorming and innovation. Design cannot be ignored in conference rooms. Its flooring must make a good impression and fit the room’s overall aesthetic. While durability is always a priority in choosing flooring materials, it is less important for conference rooms because they generally have less foot traffic than the common areas around the office. Below are flooring materials that you could install in conference rooms:


-Wood Finishes

3. Open Work Spaces

The flooring of your open office workspaces must match your office design aesthetic and withstand high levels of foot traffic. Durable and easy-to-maintain flooring materials are best in general office areas. Here are flooring materials you can choose from:

-Luxury Vinyl Tile


The recommendations above are only a few of the best flooring material options but you should know that material options are virtually limitless. With your design and budget in mind, whichever professional office fit-out companies in Dubai you work with should be able to guide you toward selecting the best flooring material for each designated area of your office.

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