Creative Hotel Design Styles that Will Give You a Competitive Edge

These days, hotel guests are not that easy to please anymore. Over the years, their expectations are high, appetites are diverse and their fingers are very busy clicking on smartphones sharing every experience in social media – especially the disappointing and unpleasant ones – to anyone that will listen.

Guests are learning to expect unusual experiences in spaces that inspire them with surprising features and out of the ordinary styles but will also offer all the comforts of home. Hotel interior design companies in Dubai take this challenge as they have to balance these extremes to attend to the needs of urbane and picky hotel guests.

Below are innovative hotel design styles that will amaze and please even the most difficult guests.

Home Sweet Home Hotel

The concept of making each hotel room a little different for a more natural and hospitable feel has gained traction in the hotel industry and is swiftly becoming a design standard. Adding home furniture and matching décor to every guest room has increased and adding amenities like kitchen and others to accommodate long-term guests are also numbering.

By designing variations in layout and adding unique elements throughout the space—such as unexpected textures, mix-and-match furniture, diverse wall treatments and tiles—hotels can provide guests a fresh and more personalized experience that they will enjoy and seek to relive.

The Greener the Better

Many hotels today are already becoming eco-friendly by installing automatic lights and reusing towels while others are consulting experienced hotel interior design companies in Dubai to innovate and take sustainability and energy conservation to a new level. While others incorporate natural light and recycled wood to their interiors, driven interior designers in Dubai use repurpose furniture and locally handcrafted materials into their designs to support sustainability and bring local history and culture to hotel guests.

Luxurious Feel

Hotel design will continue to move beyond the visual to become less about having a gorgeous space and more about feeling good in it. Excellent service and convenience have become a part of luxury as much as extravagant materials. Hotel spaces and furniture will be designed not only to look luxurious but to also feel luxurious.

Smart Hotels

Technology is one way to improve customer experience, so technology is affecting design in a big way. For example, iPad and online check-ins eliminate the need for large front receptions areas, giving interior designers in Dubai greater flexibility and creativity when designing lobby areas. With this generation becoming more and more modernized, incorporating technology to come up with smart hotels will definitely capture attention of hotel guests.

Hotel Design that Tells a Story

Hotel design will not be driven by the new trends of colors or materials or finishes and textures but by storytelling that is integrated into every aspect of the hotel’s design and that helps generate unique tremendous guest experiences.

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