Fast Food Restaurant Interior Design

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Retail Interior / September 15, 2019

Fast Food Restaurant Interior Design

In a world of fast-paced lifestyles like UAE, food has become a common denominator that connects people from all around the globe. Tasting different cuisines is definitely an exciting venture and most people these days feature food in their video blogs and YouTube channels. While fancy restaurants, fine dining experience, and all other sorts of food hubs are making trends worldwide, there are some things that remain constant – the fast food restaurant.

Fast food restaurant industry has completely transformed the way we experience food. Whether you enjoy a simple burger meal or you are looking for a common combo food on the go, a fast food joint brings you all that and more. Fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonalds always take into consideration the importance of interior design in sustaining its worldwide success. Professional interior design companies in Dubai know exactly the perfect concepts to successfully design fast food restaurants.

Through Color Schemes

 In designing fast food restaurants, experienced interior design companies in Dubai apply the ketchup-mustard phenomenon. It is a design philosophy that indicates the combination of red and yellow as the priority color scheme. These two colors can actively stimulate the appetite and make the customers feel hungry. This is why many fast food chains use either one or both colors in their interior design and branding. If not yellow or red, warm colors are also great choices. Today, many fast food restaurants use the combination of warm colors, wood, and eye-catching graphic design to create the perfect ambiance.

 Through Branding

 In designing a fast food restaurant, branding is a key factor to consider. There is always a particular focus on the logo. Located usually front or center on a feature wall, your logo should be accompanied with a catchphrase to emphasize the brand identity.

Through High Visibility

 Ever noticed how everything in a fast food hub is visually interspersed? No matter where you are sitting, the seating is designed in a way that you can clearly see the workers taking orders at the counter, the hustle and bustle of the open kitchen, and the large backlit menus. This is to keep that sense of urgency intact so that customers can quickly dine and get on with it.

Through Lighting

You may not know it, but lighting has a direct impact on how you consume your food. Fast food restaurants use ambient lighting that is comfortable enough to ensure efficiency. Lighting in a fast food restaurant design is always comfortable yet not accentuated like in fine dining establishments, although others are using trendy light fixtures to go with the modern trend.

Above are just the basic yet the most important concepts you should remember in designing fast food restaurants. If you are looking to design a fast food restaurant of your own, S3T Koncepts, one of the reputable interior designers in Dubai, can help and guide you with your project.