Interior Design – A Good Piece of Joinery

Joinery or wood works is one of the major investments involved in interior design of residential or commercial spaces. Doors, cabinets, windows, walls, tables, chairs and the list of these wooden items go on. It may be easy to compliment a beautiful piece of wooden furniture but checking the quality of it can become a problem especially to those who do not have the knowledge on how to identify a good piece of joinery.

Customers can be very prone to getting cheated on their joinery items if they do not consult the professional and experienced joinery companies in UAE. A very well done piece of wood is manufactured only by skilled ones and that is why it is important to invest on these people.

According to professional and reputable interior designers in Dubai, you would know that a piece of joinery is badly made if it has one or more of the several defects indicated below.

  • The wood may be misaligned. When two pieces of wood are joined, their grain should lie parallel to each other. This prevents it from becoming brittle, developing cracks or outright splitting due to heat expansion or water absorption.
  • The joints may be ill-fashioned. Apply the maximum possible pressure on the joints of the piece of joinery – rocking on a chair, for instance. If the joint shows signs of wobbling, twisting or makes squeaking sounds, reject it immediately.
  • Glue may be stuck to the wrong areas. No glue should be visible in a well-made piece of joinery. All glue is along the insides, and should leave no trace of its presence by the time the joinery is ready for purchase

Other than the quality of the joinery, you should be as well guided by professional joinery companies in UAE of the best variety of wood suitable for your budget. Mahogany, teak and oak to name a few, are most durable of woods but are known to be expensive. That is why it is very important to have the knowledge or at least guidance on the types of wood that can fit your budget and be sure of the quality while you build or set up or home or office.

The material of your joinery becomes irrelevant no matter how good it is if every piece of woodwork does not have regular maintenance. Do not let your wooden items or fixtures be immersed in water for any length of time, and try to keep dampness to a minimum. There are varnishes in the market that protect wood from damp, and ensure that the color and texture stays fast for at least a year after application.

Properly made and finished joinery can last for several years – long enough for the owner to get so used to it that he wants to change it to another design. A trusted joinery company like S3T Koncepts can give you the good quality you need for every piece of joinery you want to have.

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