Interior Designer’s Perspective: Office Design Insights

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Office Interior / July 16, 2018

Interior Designer’s Perspective: Office Design Insights

Considered to be one of the reputable interior designers in Dubai, S3T Koncepts provides services that are beneficial and reasonable to each and every client. Office design and fit out is one of its speciality services that never fails to give the company good reputation. Having the experience to understand the elements of design in offices and how the design process should meet every organization’s needs and standards, S3T Koncepts shares below its office design and fit out insights for everyone’s knowledge.

  • Space planning is key.

S3T Koncepts prepares designs and office layouts that are critically ensuring of space for ventilation, passage, fixtures, storage and recreation. Every office is different and office fit out companies in Dubai consider it is a challenge. But S3T Koncepts knows exactly which areas to create buzz and which areas to create peace and vibrance. This is achieved by making sure that employees are grouped based on their tasks and the space they need.

Employees that are engaged in research, accounting and analysis need stability and quiet area and need more space and should have workstations that offer better privacy. On the other hand, those that are on marketing and sales team should have a “buzz” area to keep levels of motivation high and they need a collaborative type of workstations. Unnecessary walls should be removed to maximize the available natural light sources. S3T Koncepts believes that a good utilization of the office space plan will definitely improve morale of employees.

  • Keeping things organized and tidy.

S3T Koncepts has already made countless designs for offices and each varies depending on client’s needs and business. Good integration and planning is what keeps office spaces clean and tidy. It is important that everything works together. Good planning and understanding the processes of each department can help minimize unnecessary clutter. Adequate facilities and storage in every division or workstation is important in every design concept.

  • Creating break-out spaces.

These days, many office fit out companies in Dubai are already following the trend of adding break-out, quiet or brainstorming spaces, and these are not anymore new. There can be smaller spaces dedicated for creating marketing and business development strategies or an innovative space for brainstorming and bringing up new ideas. Setting the trend aside, S3T Koncepts believes that breakout spaces are great essential design consideration.

  • Invest in comfortable fixtures and furniture.

S3T Koncepts strongly believes that the furniture and fittings are the make or break between a lovely and functional office or an office that employees cannot wait to escape. Comfortable seating, dedicated office desk space, ample storage, few of the office furniture that employees want to have. Choosing cheap furniture may save your immediate budget but it will never win the mind and hearts of your workforce. In the long run, it will become costlier as you have to maintain and replace heavily used items more often – a consequence for choosing price over quality.

  • Your workplace, your brand.

Incorporating your brand in your workspace is S3T Koncepts main goal on every design concept. It drives the morale of your employees and will serve as a good reminder of the company’s mission and vision. It also gives reassurance to clients that they have come to the right place. From an office designer’s perspective, putting brand in your workplace means ensuring that everything inside the office – from floor to walls to ceilings – fit with not only the theme or color of the company’s brand but the culture it brings as well.

S3T Koncepts provides sustainable design services to clients and companies undertaking complete fit outs, refurbishments and turnkey interiors in places all over UAE. From concept to handing over, we deliver exceptional workplaces that are not only aesthetically looking but efficient and functional as well. Call us now.