Spice Up Your Walls – Creative Wall Design Solutions for Your Home

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Interiors / December 5, 2019

Spice Up Your Walls – Creative Wall Design Solutions for Your Home

Oftentimes, wall art is not given its fair share of importance. Most of the time in interior design, wall design is considered as an afterthought, instead of it being a part of the whole interior design process. This is the reason why it is of equal significance to hire professional interior designers in Dubai to provide you the whole package.

The walls of your home say a great deal about you – your personality, your style, your taste and the things you find important. Whether you plan to hang a beautiful painting, display your original artwork or hang new wallpaper, there are some things you need to take before making a move. Choosing the right wall design will make your home look its best.

Consider Your Wall Space

Before you start deciding on which wall design or décor you want for your walls, you have to consider the wall space available. If you have smaller spaces, some wall décor elements may not work well with your wall like wallpapers with bold designs. Interior designers in Dubai know the importance of tailoring wall designs to the available wall space you have.

Choosing the Right Colors

Color is everything when it comes to setting the right tone for wall décor.  The base color you put down will set the tone for the rest of your wall design, so be sure to choose the right color.  It is important to look at your overall design theme, as well as the theme you have chosen for the room. The color scheme you choose should compliment existing furnishings and interior elements, not clash with them.

Consider Which Room You Work On

Not all wall designs suit well to every room in your home or office. A wall décor or wall pattern that sits well in your living room may not look great in your kitchen. Understanding the nature of the room you are working with is very important in order to choose the winning wall design solutions. Designing the living room walls will be quite different than designing the walls of your kitchen, and the wall design you choose should reflect those differences.

Not everyone is born knowing how to do a home makeover, so make sure to plan accordingly. In most cases it makes sense to hire professional interior design companies in Dubai like S3T Koncepts to put your wall design into practice.