The Main Phases Involved in Interior Design Process

From inception to completion, there are several key stages involved in the process of designing a workplace area. Professional interior designers in Dubai use their expertise and experience to systematically follow all the key phases to complete the project on time and within client’s budget.

  • Planning Phase

During this phase, the client brief is gathered – personal requirements, budget and time frame for the project. After understanding the clients brief, the spatial requirements of different office facilities, including workstation, reception, pantry, conference room and other spaces are analyzed. Professional interior design companies in Dubai consider various factors like the number of employees, overall purpose of the space and also the requirements of furnishing, fixtures, lighting and HVAC for each area.

While needing to design a workplace that meets clients’ expectations and functional aspects of the space, the interior design team conducts vigorous research, surveys and frequent site visits.

  • Concept Development Phase

This is where the ideas are laid out in the form of sketches. The concept in mind is illustrated with the help of basic site plans, simple elevations, rough sections and floor plans. The sketches also include dimensions to get an approximate cost estimation of the project. In this phase, the design should meet the client’s vision as well as space requirements of the workplace. After frequent meetings with client and revisions, a design will then be finalized.

  • Design Development Phase

The schematic design that is finalized in the previous stage is further developed in this stage. The floor plans, sections and elevations are developed with accurate dimensions. More importantly, additional details including location of windows and doors, colors, material, finishes selection, furniture, etc are also included in the design. The final design (usually in 3D views) is then presented to the client and his approval is taken.

  • Construction Documentation Phase

The approved design is further detailed and translated in the technical language of the contractor. It is a prerequisite document set that consists of all the design details with appropriate specifications that are vital in executing any interior design project. While preparing construction documentation, the coordination of different disciplines including, mechanical, electrical, structural, architectural, lighting, etc are constantly checked for collision. The construction documents inclusive of all drawings and specifications are approved by the client and the construction cost is estimated. Once the construction documentation is finalized, different fit out companies in Dubai are invited to bid, contractor is chosen, purchase order is issued and project is started.

  • Execution Phase

On the basis of construction documents, the construction of the workplace starts. Interior designer needs to moderate that the execution taking place on the site is in compliance with the design intent in the construction document set. Under the closed supervision of the interior design team, the project is completed.

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