CREATE: Choosing the Right Interior Design Company For You

These days, many are already choosing the path of DIY world in interior design. However, having zero knowledge about the basics of interior design will waste your money, effort and time. Think carefully and consider hiring a professional interior design company.

If you come to a decision that hiring an interior design company is right for you, always bear in mind that not all interior design companies in Dubai are made equal and finding a good fit is very important to success. In choosing the right fit, different studies were able to come up with C-R-E-A-T-E as an important tool and process to find the right interior design company. Here’s what CREATE means:

Chemistry – The ability to work well together and build a good working relationship is integral to the success of every interior design project. You and your interior design company partner should have the chemistry and good communication to have a seamless process of design and execution.

Referrals – The best qualification is always the word of mouth. Once the company is being referred to you with positive reviews, you know that you are in good hands. Always check the company’s portfolio to keep track of its previous works.

Experience – Always, experience is the best teacher. The more experienced the company is, the better the quality of their services gets.

Artistic Ability – In this modern society where DIY is a trend, everyone can already be trained to do interior design projects in Pinterest or Youtube tutorials. However, there is always a line that separates the world of DIY and the world of interior design professionals – the artistic qualities and the skilled eye that creates the wow factor and brings up passion and emotion.

Trust – Nothing can be done without trust. Always trust the design process. Invest trust as it slowly evolves based on your wants and needs. Trust that your interior designer can pull off the picture you are imagining in your mind.

Expectations – Lay out mutual expectations from the beginning of project by using contracts to outline clear expectations, especially terms of responsibilities, communication, deliverables, budget and compensation.

With numerous interior design companies in Dubai wanting to be the right fit for you, make sure that you CREATE wise choices.

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