The Fastest Growing Trends in Hotel Interior Design

These days, hotels from different parts of the world have inventively adapted to fast social changes with creative solutions. From totally configured guest rooms to ensuring highly personalized experiences, hotel owners are investing on reputable hotel interior design companies in Dubai to make over accommodation spaces into the highlightsof any escape. Whether you are a hotel owner or just planning your next business trip or vacation abroad, below are some of the new twists in the hotel industry that will surely amaze you:

Dynamic lobbies with multifunctional spaces

There are already so many hotel interior design companies in Dubai focused on offering a striking first impression on their hotel projects. The importance of entrance lobbies is growing, as social encounters become more and more dependent on this particular hotel area. With the new business traveling trend, hotel lobbies should provide a multifunctional space for casual as well as formal talks, working on laptops, plugging in various devices. This means a simple sofa and coffee table arrangement won’t make the cut. Creative space planning is necessary, providing both intimate and social zones, as well as furniture delivering comfort and functionality.

Classic to creative guest rooms

Hotel owners do not dwell anymore on the classic combination of bed, table and locker on every hotel room. In today’s world, hotel guests expect surprises on every interior of every part of the hotel. And this is the reason why, hotel owners find ways to hire the most experienced interior designers in Dubai to have the most unique interiors to fit in the modern hospitality industry that more and more travelers and guests are after. Creative offices for business travelers, interesting looking TV panels and an extra sofa next to the very comfortable bed are just some of the key components for a trendy hotel room. Explosions of colors and diverse decor mixes can definitely appeal to guests wanting to experience unique accommodation.

Spa-like bathroom

Today, bathrooms are not being perceived as auxiliary rooms anymore in order to expand living areas. Interior designers in Dubai already anticipate that the modern tourist expects more than he gets at home in his journeys. A resort bathroom with spa-like features is an open invite to relaxation and a sure way of alluring guests through the promise of momentary luxury.

Green features

Sustainability is a fragile issue for hotel owners, as they are doing their best to minimize short term costs. But with the competition going on in the hotel industry these days, innovative ideas are important. Over-sized windows for natural lighting, natural building materials, green walls and green roofs are just a few of the hotel trends that hotel owners are applying to stay in the trend.

Personalized spaces

Fact: guests remember memories of hotels for the longest possible time if the accommodation experience is incomparable. With this in mind, hotel owners personalize spaces as never before. Hotel interior design companies in Dubai come up with themed guestrooms as it create strong impact, especially when visitors can only try one at a time.

A home away from home

More than any trend there is, hotel rooms should provide that feeling of a home away from home. Comfort, beauty and coziness are important factors that hotel owners these days recognize and provide their guests. Hotel interior design companies in Dubai are becoming more sophisticated in their design decisions. They recognize that hotel trends and styles do not just change the way people travel but they change how guests enjoy the experience while being away from the comforts of home.

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