Hotel Interior Design – A Factor that Influences Guest Experience

As always, first impressions matter. In as brief as 5 seconds, one can already make judgment on a thing or a space based on how it looks. And through these impressions, we can already make decisions. Especially when it comes to the hotel industry, interior design can affect your decision whether or not you stay even coming from an exhausted trip. Seeing a grimy lobby as you check in can already make you come up a conclusion that the rooms will never get any better. It will easily affect the way you feel about your stay.

When you are not guided by experienced professionals in the interior design industry, the moment you hear interior design, you immediately think of these things – expensive remodels, hardwood floors, fancy accent walls, and statement pieces. But the truth is you can invest in few small renovation touches that can improve your guest experience and build the long term plans. Proper lighting can already make a difference. Hotel interior design companies in Dubai can guide you all the important aspects that can be the difference between a stressed and relaxed guest.

Simplicity is Beauty

Most of the time, too much is just too much.

When you walk into a hotel room, you expect the essentials and maybe even a few accents that make the room a little more special. But imagine a hotel room bursting with accent pillows that take up half the bed. What about artwork taking up every inch of space on the wall? Or dark colors that do not match?

We check in into hotels for business purposes, travel or just for relaxation. Even the best jobs can get stressful. When we go to a business trip and we come from an exhausting meeting or we just delivered a big presentation, we want to go back to our hotel rooms to relax. At the end of the day, a simple place to sleep or prepare for the next day is all that is needed.

With experienced and professional hotel interior design companies in Dubai, you can have simple but luxurious set-up of hotel rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, etc.

Try the Trend – Environmental Accents

Spending time in nature has the ability to calm and soothe people. Even hospitals with a bit of greenery here and there can result in less stressed patients. Some can even help purify the air in your hotel rooms.

While you don’t necessary have to create a forest in your hotel, having a more relaxing room can help business guests looking for a relaxing space at the end of the day. Having happy guests tends to lead to positive reviews. Positive reviews can lead to increased profit.

Being in the hotel business, guest experience comes most important. Loyalty scores and references from these guests will give you cash flow. If you want to improve your guest experience, having an incredible hotel interior design can be one of the credible ways to establish in the market what kind of hotel you are. But hotel interior design only comes successful when done right. For this, you would want to tie up with the most reputable hotel interior design companies in Dubai like that of S3T Koncepts.

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