Interior Design Tips to Achieving a Great Living Room

Every home’s living room has to work hard – it is the place where the family assembles, possibly work, where we want to relax and do nothing, and of course, entertain. It is just important that its décor and interiors meet broad criteria.

In achieving a great living room, practicalities must be considered and furnishings must be selected to suit owner’s trend and lifestyle. But you should know that there is more to it than that. As experienced interior designers in Dubai will tell you, a great living room design and scheme depends on principles that are not immediately noticeable, but which, when successfully applied, make a world of difference not only to the look of a room, but to the way it makes you feel in it.

S3T Koncepts, one of the professional interior design companies in Dubai, will provide below important interior design tips to achieving a great living room.

  • Wonderful Balance

A formal balanced scheme forms the basis of traditional interior design and is easy to achieve: if you were to draw a line down the middle of a room, one side would simply mirror the other, right down to the accessories or finishing touches. It is a considered approach, though it does take a lot of discipline to keep it in order and needs combination of strong visual elements to stop it from looking bland.

An asymmetrical or unbalanced scheme avoids such exacting repetition, and relies on balancing the look with items of a similar size or visual weight, texture and color. It is less obvious and considered to be more casual than a formal scheme, but still feels well conceptualized.

  • Marvelous Focus

For stylish and innovative interior designers in Dubai, a room will feel more comfortable and inviting if it has a focal point, whether that is an architectural feature, an artwork or an artistic view. The idea is that it draws the eye – it should be the first thing that is noticed on entering a room – and if possible, furnishings should be arranged around it.

  • Concrete Texture

A fundamental principle of making a decorative look work is through layering your scheme in different finishes, weights and materials. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the furniture or combination of colors used, the effect will be flat and dull.

Combining different design elements like wood, stone, glass, metal or leather together with a variety of surfaces, from smooth and shiny to rough and stumpy, is easy to achieve. Layering different fabrics is another great way to bring texture to the fore as long as patterns are all within the same shade of color, it will work.

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