Showcasing Wood in Home Interior Design

Even with advances in technology and countless trends in interior design, wood cannot be denied of its timeless visual appeal and natural beauty. During these modern times, interior designers in Dubai are rediscovering the beauty and warmth of wood. From creative new uses to rendition of existing styles, professional designers along with joinery companies in uae are finding creative and artistic ways to utilize wood throughout the home.

Diverse interior design companies in Dubai are drawn to wood for use in interior finishes because of its design versatility and natural beauty. Apart from adding warmth to the inside of homes, adding a familiar material in wood gives the perfect touch of rusticity to a contemporary home.

Below are some of the wood trends that professionals apply these days in their home designs.

  • Statement Walls

Paneled ceilings and walls have already been on-trend for a long time now and are still going strong as design options. Be it natural or stained wood, appearance or statement walls add beauty, personality and character to every room in a home. Depending on owner’s personal style, one can pick from different wood interior finishes and each provides a statement, i.e. an unfinished wood panel can generate the ambience of a rustic cabin or a beach house. To add visual depth and create modern and striking look to a room, interior designers in Dubai mix different woods and finishes and create contrast of wood finishes and non-wood materials like metal and glass.

  • Taking Advantage of the Natural Color of Wood

Each species of softwood has natural color and grain pattern. While others dwell on putting finishes to wood, some also take advantage of wood’s natural color and texture. Wood with lighter color usually creates airy, open and sophisticated sense in the room. On the other hand, darker tone generates a more formal appearance – exceptional option for inducing glamor and masculinity.

  • Finished Ceilings

Most of the time, homeowners neglect the look and design of ceiling and choose to leave it exactly as how they bought or built the house. From a professional interior designer’s view like S3T Koncepts, incorporating wood on the ceiling can add architectural interest to any room and entice the eye to explore more on the entire space. Decking, wood plank, bulkheads, and wood trim on the ceiling can definitely raise the decorative elements in the room to a whole new level. There is no way each visitor can miss the attractive style your wood ceiling offers.

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