Creating a Successful Retail Interior Design that Gets People to Purchase Your Products

Retail business has been around for a very long time and one thing is sure – there are a lot of different ways when it comes to designing the interior layout of your store. Retail interior design is not just about making your retail store or shop look good; it is about promoting your store in ways you can while encouraging sales and profits. And while many still neglect the positive value of interior and retail fit out dubai, it can never be denied that it has a huge impact on whether a retail business is a success or not.

Yes, it is nothing new. Retailers have already tried everything – from playing catchy music to filling their shops with alluring scents – there is a real art to getting it right. With plenty years of experience in delivering more-than-expected design concepts, S3T Koncepts have learnt this art. From planning stage to execution and delivery, the trick to getting retail fit out dubai right is understanding your buyer.

The following are key areas to consider in creating a successful retail interior design.

Visual Merchandising

Professional retail fit out companies in Dubai recognize the importance of eye-catching visual merchandising. A striking piece of visual merchandising can get the attention of shoppers and encourage them to cross the threshold of the retail store. The power of retail window design must never be underestimated. As a retailer, you should always recognize shop windows as the eyes of your store and it should convey a story to potential consumers that is carried through into a physical space.


A good retail layout leads to good customer flow. Simple navigation through simple but effective floor plans, signage and coherent locations of products will lead to buyers feeling comfortable in your shop environment, and more willing to spend more time inside. A good flow of product displays will encourage potential buyers to relax and move freely, giving them time to consider their purchases.

Professional interior designers in Dubai also understand that the most purchased products are located at the back area of the store. This encourages the shoppers to see as many other products as possible during their visit. In the same way, add-on purchase displays should also be installed near the tills to encourage last minute additions. Retailers should always know that good product placement is highly important and good retail interior design and fit out practice involves skill and art.

Furnishings and Colors

Your colors and furnishings should match the type of store and business you have. Experienced retail interior designers in Dubai will create beautiful yet practical counters, units and stands which add to the inviting atmosphere of the store. Choose a retail interior design company with ample experience and good background in the industry who can not only design but manufacture and fit too.


Another important factor to consider for a successful retail interior design is lighting. The lighting you use will depend on the kind of atmosphere you want to build. Big stores like supermarkets and department stores use bright and harsh overhead lighting to keep buyers alert and willing to shop more while others would use soft lighting or accent lighting for an intimate atmosphere like that of a clothing boutique. Reputable retail interior fit out companies in Dubai like S3T Koncepts can create lighting to fit your retail premises.

Designing your retail interior is a limitless process, where you can always switch, revamp, tweak, add or take away to create a resonating experience and journey of customers. At the end of every day, as a retailer, that is exactly what you want to focus on – the customer journey.

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