Design Trends for Commercial Interiors

Designing and creating interiors for commercial properties is a tricky business. The space must not only be cost effective and efficient but innovative and unique as well. It must be something that will create an engaging experience to separate you from others.

As the market evolves, expectations of consumers evolve as well. Businesses must regularly adapt to changes in their commercial interiors to reflect the current trends and taste of workers, visitors and consumers.

And fortunately for these business owners, interior fit out companies in Dubai constantly create modern trends that help companies keep up with the designs.

  • Deep Tones

Reflecting the inherent beauty of nature, deep cooling tones are the flavor of the year. Look to use charcoals and grays tinged with greens and earthly colors. Combine them with ivory, stone, and taupe for balance.

  • Geometric Patterns

These striking designs help business create a true design statement that expresses personality and makes a lasting impression on visitors.

  • Form over Function

It used to be that cost was the primary factor influencing decisions to purchase office furniture. However, with an ever-increasing focus on ergonomic design, the furniture in a modern workplace needs to be comfortable as well as cost-effective.

Expect to see more features like adjustable arms and head rests on office seating, as well as the emergence of standing height desks. Regularly, commercial fit out companies in Dubai come up with ideas that will not blow the minds of business owners but consumers more importantly.

In addition, consumers are looking for quality — and commercial furniture is changing to reflect this by incorporating more durable materials like rustic woods, metal finishes, and tempered glass.

  • Double Purpose Designs

A consequence of this entire prolonged budget tightening means that businesses are constantly looking for new ways to save money. Commercial interior designers in Dubai offer a host of possibilities, as reflected in the growing popularity of multi-purpose designs.

Examples of this economic ingenuity can be seen in filing cabinets with slide-out seats that accommodate those spur-of-the-moment business meetings. Even lounge chairs have tablet arms, so employees don’t have to be at a desk to work.

  • Eccentric Combinations

Interior designers in Dubai these days are moving away from obvious standard themes and instead including a variety of unexpected quirky and odd touches to make each space unique. A pertinent example is the rise of non-matching floor tiles, which, though it may sound bizarre, can look great if applied in the right way.

  • Collaboration – not Isolation

In the present period of increasing interaction and constant communication, the modern worker is no longer willing to remain isolated in a tiny cubicle with no access to natural light. As a result, commercial spaces are moving toward a more collaborative approach, changing their interior design layout to create more open workspaces. Desks are separated with low or transparent panels, or these partitions are removed altogether in favor of circular workstations that promote an increase in communication and knowledge transfer.

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