Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Property Value

Home improvement project can really become time consuming and daunting and that is why many homeowners prefer not to do it. However, you should know that it is worth the time and energy and you surely are bound to appreciate the outcome. There are several good reasons that you can find in improving your home and one of them is increasing its value. When you decide to put your home on the market, you will attract more buyers at a very good price.

These days, the price of homes is on a steep incline, it is no wonder that interior design companies in Dubai are becoming really busy. As homeowners go through their wish lists, below are few items that stand out as the most popular home improvement ideas from professional interior designers in Dubai.

Remodelling Bathrooms

Improving the Kitchen

Bathrooms have evolved from the basic fixtures to an area much like a living room where the object is not a quick shower but a bathing experience. Bigger bath tubs have replaced the shower and tub combination along with self-contained shower cabinets which feature rain and steam shower heads. Many interior design companies in Dubai are also proposing the multi-room bathroom area that features massage or lounge area where you can relax and read.

Kitchen is the most used room in a home and considered to be improved or renovated more often. No other area has had as many changes in style or improvements in technology in such a short time as the kitchen. Deep sinks and stone counter tops are still popular choices of interior designers in Dubai and so as the working islands with cook tops or sinks. Improve the cabinets as well using the right materials and following a more modern theme to increase more its value. Re-polish your granite and marble counter tops and for those who are daring, try using smooth concrete for a rustic and trendy look.


Another home improvement idea is the addition of more storage, especially in parts of the home which are considered wasted spaces. In this way, the home can be more organized without having to invest in outside storage sources.

Exterior Design – Patio and Landscaping

The lawn used to be a place for having barbecue or throwing ball, but now it has become an extension of the home.  The deck off the kitchen is now a large patio area that features a grilling area or a fireplace maybe. Interior designers in Dubai also propose an above-ground swimming pool or spa for homes with bigger yard area. Along with the patio area, having the rest of the yard dedicated to shrubs and gardens is also what homeowners want. These days, many homeowners invest in great landscape and gardens as they not only add color but they give life to the entire home as well.

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