How to Get the Storage You Want

Cabinets are a crucial element of a finished home. Cabinets and storage transform space into living space. They provide substance, beauty, and above all, organization for all kinds of things, from kitchen plates to bathroom towels to living room media equipment. But poorly designed cabinets can be frustrating, a waste of money, and a visual blemish on an otherwise lovely design. Check out the Cabinet Design Basics to organize your space:

Cabinet Design Basics – Function and Style

Joiners and woodworkers need to balance two things in designing and fabricating cabinets – style and function. 

For a vanity counter inside a powder room, the function (a place to wash your hands) is easily achieved, and style becomes the more important factor, which is why we see such a wide variety in powder room vanity styles. However, with garage or basement cabinets, function, and storage are probably much more important than style. 

In all other areas of the home, we should see more of a balance between the functionality of the cabinets and the look and feel of the space. Professional and good joinery companies in UAE like S3T Koncepts understand clearly the basic functional requirements for different kinds of cabinets and fabricate them with seamless execution while providing fresh design.

Choosing the Types of Cabinets

How do you choose your cabinets? Stock, semi-custom, or custom? 

As a general rule, custom cabinets allow greater flexibility and quality at a higher cost. Semi-custom is probably the most commonly used category; it offers a set of styles, colors, and sizes to the homeowner. Stock cabinets are typically cheapest and are available online or off-the-shelf in many stores.

If you are having a hard time choosing the type of cabinet suitable for your home, office, or business space, find skilled joinery companies in UAE that can help you. S3T Koncepts has a team of skilled, experienced, and innovative woodworkers and cabinet makers. With its in-house production facility, you are assured of quality cabinets and storage pieces.

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