Interior Design Basic: Flooring and Its Importance

With so many things to consider in designing a space, flooring is often overlooked. But professional and experienced interior designers in Dubai know exactly that flooring is part of the initial thought process right from the conceptualization stage. For obvious reasons, flooring is considered to be one of the most important elements in constructing any space. There have been many beautiful spaces that do not function as expected simply because the finish of the flooring is completely wrong and impractical.

In interior design, it is imperative to realize that even though visual sense is the first interaction on every space, the first physical contact is flooring. The way people interact with an interior also plays a huge part on the floor, for instance: walking into a beautifully designed space and having to walk extra carefully because of a surface that is not fitted to formal footwear. In designing a space, interior designers in Dubai, with professional and dependable experience, take into consideration the type of flooring to use against the kind of space layout made.

Regardless of which design style you have chosen, selecting a complimentary flooring option is a must. As one of the most used surfaces in every home, flooring is expected to withstand constant use while enduring its transcendent quality. With the vast variety of flooring choices available, it is easy to get carried away and forget about the practical aspects that should be taken into consideration.

Pricing, quality and style are among the main factors to consider and research about when choosing and purchasing flooring. Many opt to buy cheap flooring thinking they can save money upfront. But the problem is, will it last? These days, flooring is perceived as an investment and with the help of experienced interior fit out companies in dubai, you can come up with a number of options available for every budget.

Wooden floors are classed as hard flooring but being softer than tiles they are also warmer underfoot. With the huge range of natural tones available they can help create a warm and homely feeling.

Tiles are also a type of hard flooring and are available in a wide range of natural and man-made materials. Ceramic tiles, mosaics, slate and marble are just some of the choices available and each come with their own pros and cons. The main advantage of tiles is that they are extremely hard wearing and if well maintained will last a very long time. As they are waterproof they are well suited to areas such as bathrooms and utility rooms and being easy to clean are also ideal for kitchens.

Under soft flooring, carpets create a sense of warmth and comfort. They can feel luxurious underfoot and are good for hiding stains and dirt. Heavily patterned carpets however, can make a room seem smaller and will date easily. Plain carpets on the other can make a room seem larger by creating a sense of space. As well as being warm, carpets also help to reduce noise whilst providing insulation by guarding against heat loss through the floor.

Apart from the abovementioned, there are still so many types of flooring to choose from. The key is to understanding the function of the room or area where flooring is to be laid on and this will be easier with the services of skilled and experienced interior fit out companies in Dubai like S3T Koncepts. Always go for the best quality that you can afford.

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