High-Impact Reception for High-Impact Impression

Recent studies show that people are able to create first impressions in as fast as tenth of a second. It goes to show how people can make fast judgements towards things and to fellow people as well. The same is true with interior design of offices, too.

In most office buildings, the reception is the area where first impressions will be made by visitors, so most of the time, interior design companies in Dubai place a strong emphasis here. Reception area should be carefully crafted to be professional, stylish and functional. Different design elements like materials, layout, color and branding can form a statement about your company’s values and services. If you want to create a high-impact impression, ensure that your reception area sends the perfect message. Thoroughly plan each detail with only the experienced office fit out companies in Dubai to achieve good results.

Making Use of Your Brand Colors

Plain white walls can look very professional, but does it say something about the nature of your business? For this reason, incorporate your brand colors in your reception area to build character. Do not settle for generic designs. Work closely with the professional and find out the simple yet effective way to claim the space.

Your Company Logo

Using your company logo in the reception area is one basic but very essential way that office fit out companies in Dubai use to help make a positive first impression. This is a great way to send a clear message to every visitor and firmly brand the space. Your company logo should be made in high quality and should be clearly visible from the entrance but make sure that you avoid it appearing to be intimidating or over-bearing. If you are working with experts like S3T Koncepts, you will always be able to come up with creative ways to feature your logo that it stands out for all the right reasons.

Functional Reception Area

In every interior design, it is important that a space does not just look aesthetically good but it should be functional more importantly. In terms of a functional reception area, you do not want your clients or visitors to be confused – you ensure that the reception area actually functions properly. When someone comes, they should immediately know where to go first for information. You should also be able to plan ahead disabled access not to mislead first time comers. Choosing the right furniture and seating area is also an essential part of building a great reception area.

Proper planning of your reception area and office space in general will not just create a first good impression, but it can showcase the efficiency and professional image of your business. It is not too late to do something about it, call S3T Koncepts now.

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