Your Next Project: Wood in Interior Design

In architecture, wood is undeniably an important material; in interior design, wood is a beautiful and timeless element to use and feature. For hundreds of years, wood has been a good material option to incorporate in interiors. Despite numerous interior design trends in the modern days endlessly coming, S3T Koncepts is one of the experienced and professional interior design companies in Dubai that will always take advantage of wood’s classic beauty and multi-functional quality.

Wood has been used in construction for ages and the beauty and durability of wood along with its versatility guarantee that it will persist to be a hot favorite in architectural and interior design scene. When you want to use wood effectively and creatively, you have to consider some important factors and one most important is choosing design style.

Common Interior Design Styles to Incorporate Wood

  • Industrial

This interior design style is often characterized by mature and rugged vintage appearance. Antique and darker aesthetics are more commonly used. Interior designers in Dubai use distressed elements and rich tones in this style choice.

  • Urban Modern

This is an interior design similar to the modern design of high end urban lofts. This style can produce a very glamorous interior look with the combination of minimalism and edgy chic. It is important to have overall sleekness with a personal touch of finishes and décor.

  • Farmhouse

Best described as modern rustic theme, this interior design style is light with beiges and white as popular color foundation. This style focuses more on lightness over deepness and distressed elements are also commonly applied.

  • Mid-century Modern

Most popular during the 1930’s to 1960’s yet remains sought after even today, mid-century modern style consists of a clean and classic look that focuses mostly on functionality. Sleek lines and geometric and organic shapes are also featured in this interior design style.

Space Color Scheme

Now that you have an idea of the style you want to have, you can work closely with professional interior design companies in Dubai and choose the right wood materials and finishes for your interiors. A good guide is knowing your interior’s color scheme. Too dark of a color can overpower the rest of the room and throwing off the whole look. Too light, on the other hand, can make a bold color scheme look weak.

Custom Wood Furnishings

Wood is a brilliant material choice for custom furnishings of all types. It is an excellent way of putting up personality into a certain space. Practical furnishings need not to be boring. For instance, wooden shelves are common custom furnishings but working with experienced joinery companies in uae, you can create visually appealing ones. You can always create a standout piece of wood in every corner of a space.

Alternative Wall Coverings

Considered to be a go-to material for exterior claddings and outdoor decks, consider bringing the idea of wood indoors. Wood used as alternative wall coverings are more versatile than many would think and are not at all limited to just rustic-themed interiors. Wood claddings provide vibrant and cozy interiors especially paired with modern decors and lightings.

S3T Koncepts is an experienced team consists of professional interior designers in Dubai that provides spectacular interior solutions with wood as a core material.

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