The Growing Trends in Hotel Interior Design

 Hotels are built to give people on the road temporary shelter, but this fact must not mean that they do not require to be comfortable and homely. A good interior design in hotels is integral to make every guest feel welcome and at home.

These days, hotel owners already acknowledge how important it is to have quality accommodation to sustain the business. Hotel interior designers in Dubai are making sure to reach one important goal – to turn every hotel room into a temporary home. From conceptualizing an inviting lobby interior design to ensuring highly personalized experiences, most, if not all, hotel owners hire professional interior design companies in Dubai to transform hotel experience the highlight any escape.

Versatile and Dynamic Lobbies

In the hotel industry, most important is offering a striking first impression to guests. Being the place where first contact of guests happens, lobbies should be as eye-catching and stunning as it can be. Designing a hotel lobby takes a lot of experience and professional ideas as it should accommodate guests of all types. With the fast-growing trends in hotel interior design, professional and experienced interior design companies in Dubai come up with concepts that will put guests in awe in terms of aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Effective space plan is very important and so as furniture. Large chandeliers, indoor waterfalls, large green walls and multimedia stations are some entrance features that add extravagance to the hotel.

Hotel Room Configuration

Gone are those days where hotel rooms consist of the bed-table-cabinet combo. These days, it is not anymore enough to make the room inviting. Interesting looking TV panels, sofa next to the bed, eclectic mixes of décor and color explosions are just some of the key ingredients interior designers in Dubai are using to achieve a very tasty outcome of design.

More Texture and Colors

Whether you are on a business trip or leisure, as long as you are away, you usually have more time to explore your senses. In modern hotel interior design, texture is more preferred than visual patterns. Giving guests something they can feel and even get lost in can result into a memorable experience, one they will probably want to repeat. Add a few bright colors to add life to spaces and a soothing joyful atmosphere is created.

Building a Home Away from Home

The saying ‘there’s no place like home’ makes people get tense when they have to be away temporarily. But with the right team to work on your hotel interior design, it is always possible to build a home away from home. Hotel rooms should provide comfort like what we get from home. No matter how luxurious, technology friendly and weird-themed the room, coziness is a major factor to consider. Only those with great and experienced skills in the hotel interior design field like S3T Koncepts can successfully create you a hotel that makes guests’ entire stay memorable.

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