Interior Design Tip – Transforming Small Spaces into Bigger Ones

When you purchase a new home, you immediately want to plan on how the interiors would look. You immediately want to search for the best interior designers in Dubai and have their amazing ideas be executed as imagined. However, constraints in space is a big factor that hinders homeowners to design their homes. Just because any room or space in your home is small, does not mean it has to feel and look the same.

Check below interior design tips from professional interior design companies in Dubai to make even the smallest room look spacious.

Furnish Sparingly
Oversized furniture can definitely make any small space look even smaller. When a sofa seems to be too big that it will take too much space, then opt for smaller chairs or a loveseat. Your dining room can instantly look spacious if you choose smaller dining table. Avoid putting too many wall decorations or frames that it seems these walls are closing in. Instead, put a single big frame or any image that will create a focal point. Make a greater floor space by excluding large rugs in your interior design plan.

Mirror, Mirror
Adding mirrors is one of the easiest ways to make a small room look bigger. A room can seem twice its actual size through the reflection created by mirrors on light, images and colors. One of the useful tricks interior designers in Dubai use is putting a very large mirror in a room or space where it can maximize light, reflect the view from the adjacent area or capture the window scenery to the outside.

One of the most common things that make space look small is too much stuff inside. De-cluttering should be every homeowner’s initiative to create a neat and comfortable surrounding inside your home. Keep things organized to maximize the feel of openness. Use only furniture pieces that are necessary for convenience and comfort.

Scale down Furniture Pieces
Space will not be an issue if you choose furniture pieces that do not equip the entire space. Smaller bedroom should not have queen size bed or beds that are too large where there is barely space for walking around. These days, there are already almost limitless choices of stylish furniture pieces that will definitely suit your space requirement and work accordingly with your interior design.

Lighten Up
Using a light color scheme is an easy way to make the illusion of a much bigger room. Choose pastels, white or neutrals over bright and dark colors to have more light reflection and make things having enough space for the entire room. Light-colored flooring also adds to the feeling of added space and openness.

With these interior design tips from different experts and interior design companies in Dubai, space will never become a hindrance to attaining exceptional home interior design. S3T Koncepts is a Dubai-based interior design company that provides extraordinary home interior design services exceeding every client’s expectation.

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