Interior Designer’s Playbook: Making Your House a Home

Inviting and the instant feeling of warmth – some homes just have it. Anything you call house – be it your own, an apartment, a cozy cottage or a hotel room, can be any basic unit of dwelling. The structure of the house never matters as much as what you experience inside – because those are the special things and people that transform any space into a home.

Around the world, people have vastly different ways of designing their homes. Some will have different focal points in the interiors while some find home in luxury. But no matter what style, shape or size your home takes, it is always important that homes should speak about the experiences and personalities of the dwellers. S3T Koncepts, one of the professional interior design companies in Dubai, takes pride in designing and conceptualizing living spaces that fulfill aesthetic tastes and preferences of its clients.

Knowing Your Style

Start with the question, “How do you want your home to feel?”. Do you have certain patterns and colors in mind? Do you prefer the more comfortable home items and furniture pieces? Do you want it traditional? Elegant? Luxurious? Formal? Do you want to have interior design style that is modern and playful? Or do you prefer minimalistic approach?

Experienced interior designers in Dubai like S3T Koncepts help their clients design the interiors of their homes by digging into design inspirations that they may want to personally experience on a daily basis. For instance, a hotel you have stayed that struck your fancy or a restaurant you have dined that literally put you in awe. If you want a house that will always feel like home, have it designed according to your discerned style.

Build Around Your Space

One of the advantages of hiring professional interior design companies in Dubai in designing your home is them being an expert in space planning. People who prefer to do DIY interior designing often commit mistake in choosing furniture sizes suited for their homes. They use furniture that is too small or too large for a space. Always build around the furniture that you actually have space for. Scale and proportion are key to any design.

Determine What You Do Not Like

Oftentimes, is a lot simpler for people to determine and express what they do not like. If you consider the things you do not like in finalizing the home design, you can narrow in on others. For instance, a certain color or pattern might kindle a bad memory about a design trend in the past you are so eager to forget. Or a childhood accent that you do not want to have in your own space. These things are helpful in determining what goes in and what goes our in your home interiors.

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