Top Office Design Trends of 2016

As each year unfolds, various office design trends come and go. This year, interior design companies in Dubai are introducing new office design trends, not only to stay in the “what’s new?” circle, but to keep employees engaged and get the most out of every office space.

Workspaces should bend to offer various destinations and spaces for workers to dwell in that promote smooth flow of movement throughout each day. Although there have already been many companies who have hired the services of professional office fit out companies in dubai and have certainly done a great job on incorporating great element of office design, there is still a need for more awareness and execution of taking a holistic thought and approach about the workplace.

With this year months away from turning to another page, we have identified the top office design trends from experts and from top 10 interior design companies in Dubai.

Hiding the Wires

Most clients these days are requesting for solutions to help eliminate clutter and wires from desktops, workstations and conference rooms. There are many things that could make an open room disorganized, but with all offices using computers, wires can really become a problem. No matter how expensive your workstation or conference table is, it can still look terrible if wires are not hidden within the table. Good thing today, many office fit out companies in dubai are already developing clean and simple solutions to this problem.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Nature will always remain an important element in design. Exposed concrete flooring, installing wooden pergola, plant life in the form of indoor garden and living walls, incorporating natural flora patterns in artwork and fabrics are all becoming more prominent in workplaces. Out of the top trends this year, this particular trend will stay a popular one throughout the year or even in the coming years. It is that natural and cozy feeling that makes workers comfortable and productive throughout each working day.

Community Tables

Compared to the trends before with workers working on their separate cubicles and tables, office fit out dubai companies have started to introduce community tables. These community tables can represent each worker’s culture. As an employer, you would want more interaction among your workers. This will start to form kinship and alliance among your employees, thus increasing collaboration and productivity each working day.

Organized by Color

Experts say that if you organize your work spaces with color, it will help thoughts of workers be more organized and colorful. Several studies suggest that colors boost happiness, creativity and productivity. There are already many offices that integrated different colors even in ways you have never imagined though their walls, accents and furniture.

According to skilled office fit out dubai companies, it is important to note that working environment is one of the biggest factors that affect productivity of workers. It is okay to remain traditional but having a flexible office design and ending the trend of permanent layouts will give you a working environment that adeptly adjusts to change.

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